【Men Must Read】One simple way to solve your manhood problems: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Short Sex!

     Women hit sexual peak in their 30’s and 40’s. They become cougars. But most husbands lost their libido in this age!

  When “happy hour” comes, men’s engine stall frequently when women just about to enjoy it! 

Your wife gives up on you gradually if you cannot perform during the night.
You lose your confidence as a man and husband in front of your wife.
You can’t get it up, can't thrust, can get it in.

You lie on the bed with the unsatisfied wife, and you wonder if you will be able young again.

Worry no more! Successor of Royal Emperor’s Doctor comes to your rescue!

In Chinese medicine, doctors refer this situation as asthenia in Kidney, or Dhat syndrome in western medical term. Chinese medicine believes men’s ability and sexual drive build on the health of kidney. ¬

Patients called this old doctor “Kidney God”! It doesn’t matter how weak your kidney is. His method will let your kidney young again!

   Dr. Gu Jing Wen, chief physician, graduated from Hunan Academy of Chinese Medicine, has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 40 years, specialized in treating sexual dysfunction in males. He specializes in the application of Qianlong’s unique herbal tonic, to treat kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, prostate problem, and other male problems with visible result and high cure rate!

Qianlong, the most long-lived emperor in Chinese history, lived until 89 years old. He ruled Qing¬ Dynasty for 63 years. During his long reign the Qing Empire reached its most splendi¬d and prosperous era.Despite the hectic life, Qianlong was able to have children at the age of 65! How did he do that?

Yes, the royal prescription restorative is the answer!

Dr.Gu guarantees:

Double the HARDNESS

This restorative gets you ready any time!You are energetic, strong and hard like in your 20’s! To satisfy your loved one will never be a problem again!

Double the HAPPNIESS

The restorative gives you the ability to control.You will be able to decide when to come! 40-60 year-old man with wonderful technique and strength of 20 something young man, your woman will not get enough of you!

Impotent,soft,short time make your love life miserable?

Your smelly and wet balls stop youfrom pleasuring your goodness?

Are you suffering from frequent urination, urgency to urinate and dribbling?

Whatsapp(+)or click the link below to get consultation from our teacher!


 At the beginning, many people were holding the attitude of trying. After all, health was priceless. In the end, Gu Lao used the effect to conquer them........

 Mr. Chen's kidney essence deficiency, premature ejaculation, urinary frequency urgency

Mr. Tan works in an online financial company. Work pressure makes him feel body ache all the time. He goes to urine more and more with only a little bit comes out every time. In the bed, situation just gets worse. He doesn’t have strength at all! It is difficult to erect and always ends up in premature ejaculation. The longest he could last was 3 minutes. His wife starts to complain a lot.

His friend recommends me to him. I told Mr. Tan to throw away whatever he was taking before, and just concentrate on taking my restorative.

Mr. Tan called me the next morning happily. He said it works almost immediately! He made love for over 10 minutes and his wife was so happy!He felt so energetic that they did many times that night! 3 months after taking the restorative, Mr. Tan found his penis has enlarged a lot. This is a wonderful side effect he enjoys. His marriage is sweeter than ever!

Short+Impotent+Premature Ejaculation

Mr. Lee, 42 years old, taxi driver. Fatigue and irregular lifestyle made him impotent long time ago.He lost his sexual desire, even his wife is young and beautiful. The most embarrassing thing is, his wife cannot feel him even he is in. His size is too small! 3 factors to have good sex life: hardenss, size and time. Mr. Lee has none of the above.To satisfy his young wife, he was desperate to try anything. He even uses testosterone. But only to find out not only he started to depend on it, but his testicles shrink! That scares him to death. Luckily his friend brought him to see me.

After one week, I had good news from Mr. Lee.

Now he can finally get it hard. And now he can be hardened anytime. After whole day of driving, he can still “drive” his wife at night. Hard and stiff, his wife is wet immediately right after he enter. She just cannot get enough! She loves his cock so much that she blows him willingly. Now Mr. Lee can last over 30 minutes and let his wife reach multiple orgasms every night.Of course, his penis becomes larger and longer.

Now the couple enjoy sex life actively. Mr. Lee has tamed the angry, unsatisfied wife into sweet, tender cat. Thanks to the restorative.

Words from Dr.Gu:

Although I am old, but I still consult every patience by myself. Please do not shy and hesitate to add my consultation hotline: (+)  

100% private and confidential.

You don’t have to buy the restorative from me. But you can follow my WhatsApp friend circle.I update frequently about male care knowledge. It will help you a lot. If you do buy the restorative from me, I guarantee the result with my family Chinese medicine background. You will have healthy kidney like a new one. !!!

It’s like having a new husband

My marriage life is good, except the sex part. My husband got into the habit of masturbation at young age.Therefore damaged the growth of his johnson. It becomes short and soft. I feel nothing when he is inside me, not to mention satisfy my need.

I have never experienced orgasm with him. Besides, he can’t last long enough, not even longer than 5 minutes! Every time the sex ends before I even start to feel anything!I am on the verge of breakdown from unsatisfying needs. One of my BFF learns about my situation and give me Dr.Gu’s whatsapp. I immediate call Dr.Gu and get the restorative. I let my husband takes it immediately and oh my! I didn’t expect it would do such wonder.

Three days after my husband started to take the restorative, he came back suddenly in the middle of the day. I just finished a quick shower and wore only underwear. He bumped me in the kitchen, and we started to do it there! For the first time in our marriage, I felt being wanted and excited. Not only this. One day we just finished in the living room. I was exhausted from all the pleasure. But he told me he still wanted me! He wanted more.I decided to give him a blow. To my surprise, his johnson is significantly larger than before! No wonder I felt so filled when he was inside me. Now I cum every time and I absolutely love it. Now we almost make love every night. And we love each other even more.

All these have to thank Dr. Gu.

Words from Dr.Gu:

I specialize in nourishing male kidney. You will feel the difference in 3 days and bursting with energy in 7 days.

3 highlights of my restorative: quick result, lasting result and holistic.This royal restorative starts working as short as in 10 minutes.Quick and lasting. Most importantly, it will not wear you out. The vigor comes from within. It is the real power of yourself.

Moreover, why do I say the result is holistic? Kidney deficiency is actually a common problem within men.It will not only affect your sexual performance, but also brings out many disorders such as frequent urination, hair loss, insomnia, amnesia, body ache and lack of strength.All the symptoms will disappear after kidney is strong. This is holistic treatment.

To treat kidney deficiency, only traditional Chinese medicine works. To get free detail consultation, add my WhatsApp(+) or click the link below. There is nothing for you to lose.

Free consultation service  

Words from Dr.Gu:

I thank all the stories from our patients. These are only a few cases. I received so many good reviews about the restorative.

 Before taking the restorative, your kidney is like an old car with 1.5hp only. Now it becomes a turbine engine, lasting and furious, get you to the top in no time! That is why many couples love my restorative.

 "The effect is fast, significant and lasting.What are you waiting for?

"Don’t give up the chanceto be young and feel like real man! Click the link belowIt not only treats kidney, and get a free consultation with me.

 Chinese medicine believesstrong kidney is the foundation for man’s health.There is kidney essence in the kidney. The essence reduces as men grow older. Finally the whole system is out of balance and deficiency occurs.In addition, bad habits like smoking, drinking, staying up, masturbation exacerbate the deficiency. “Nourish the kidney and bring back the Qi balance” is the key.There are so many treatments out there claiming to cure all, but they all failed.

Why? Because they don’t understand the importance of BALANCE. To completely strengthen your kidney, you need to know which type of deficiency you have.The other thing isyou need to have the ability to keep the nutrition and result after being nourished.It is useless if to get any treatment if your body is not absorbing the restorative.

  At the BRICS Health Ministers' Meeting, Gu Yitang as a non-legacy traditional production technique show。

Chinese medicine emphasizes on the balance of “Yin” and “Yang”.My royal restorative nourishes Yin and Yang at the same time and bring them to balance. In addition, it treats the body as whole.It not only treats kidney,but also detox, restore and enhance body function. Thus solidifies the effectiveness.

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    There is nothing to lose for a free consultation, so I add Dr.Gu’s whatsapp hotline. I follow Dr.Gu’s instruction and take the restorative. I can feel the difference down there almost immediately. My wife says I perform better than before and she is very happy! My penis becomes larger and firmer. Thank you Dr. Gu

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    4 days got effect, so nice!!

    For you:

    Is that real?

    Seven eyes:

    You had my word, Dr. Gu does have his way!

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    I got same problem with you, short time xxx, felt so tired, is that ok for Dr. Gu’s to treat?

    Say wait but go:

    Wtf, bro, you should get take it, you looked no ok one… ...

    Yong hee:

    @Show man  You looked like got kidney issue, took too much jerk off lah~


    wet dreams is great, you got energetic kidney.


    I got nocturnal emission during xxx, but cannot get ejaculation.


    @boryy You case because of weak of kidney, cannot be ejaculated, and semen got premature, it is not the same as wet dream. nocturnal emission is during xxx, and wet dream during sleep.

  • Healer:


    My husband got step by step of treatment from Dr. Gu, after that my husband was so great during that, we took like 30 minutes more, so sweet on us.


    Maybe your husband was not that bad, my husband only took 2 week therapy, he only can take like 20 mins only;


    Maybe your husband was not that bad, my husband only took 2 week therapy, he only can take like 20 mins only;


    Yes, it is, my husband one also get so longer already!


    My husband and I will take holiday next month, will go to visit again to Dr. Gu.

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    Highly warning for everyone to take less Viagra, and I took too much and now got so injured on my brother, I should get earlier to add WhatsApp, and now have to wait so long one!!!


    I took Viagra few times, and my mate does not let me to take anymore.

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    My husband premature ejaculation for long time, we went to see other doctors, and took quite a few drugs, does not that work at all.


    It is unfortunate sister for taking so long time.


    Can I add your whatsapp?


    Hey sweet I can do replace your husband, can we chat privately?


    Wow for such years, you must be cheated, cannot believed you can take that for such long time. God:


    Shame on you guys! Can you add me my lady.


    Go get consult with Dr. gu, it really takes effect.


    @zhu My husband already add him, and they are chatting now, thanks!

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    Took that for 2 weeks, it feels great, and very strong down there, thank you!

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    I do not want to hurt my husband feeling, but I really want to let him chat with Dr. Gu.



    Dr. Gu treatment is really useful, and now I am still being using it, it is usful, and I can make it for 25 mins on love stuff.


    Are you sure? I am sort of wanna trying it.


    I added him last 2 days,  and were waiting for 1 day by passed by him. We chatted just now, and he gave me some methods and treatment, hope It is goanna work.


    Can anyone let me know the effect after the treatment?


    I am taking now, and only 2 days, does not feel something, maybe will sharing like 1 week later?


    Whats up bro, cannot wait your feedback.


    Plz update!


    Feed us back bro!


    Soooooooo sorry, I got so many date in these days for doing the test, with my back-up cyber chicks, have not enough time to online in these days. It is realllly working, and I feel so strong by the moment, you know, I got so much fxxxxk up, average like at least 25mins above, and one of my chicks got so high, I feel like a new one!!!,


    Hahahhahah,I got the same effect, only 3 days, I can hold like 20 mins longer, and you guys should also try! Dr. Gu is so great on that.

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    not to take Viagra, hurt body and got side effect!

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    3 years on kidney issue, and cannot give more on my wife in the bed, a lot wet dreams. My wife we had quarrel a lot. Checking buddies got effect, I will try too, and I am adding Dr.Gu now, wish he can add me too. I thingk trying is not bad, it is better for getting great function.

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    I used too much during my 20thth, I can feel I am getting worse day by day, for now, I just can take like 1 mins and got really bad relationship with my wife, so upset one.

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    After Dr.G treatment I got morning ercetion everday, thank him a lot!

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    I used that for a month now privately, and my gf need me everyday, heh~ big thrums to Dr.Gu!

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    I took that for half month feel so strong like everdy day, and my bed time got extent longer a lot!



    Dr. Gu is master, I had one night stand last night, she got high 4 times, and I felt I am king!


    You are asshole, not respect woman


    World getting worse because man more and more like you


    @Jesse Fku, none of your business weak bird.


    Asshole, cannot agree more.


    I took the treatment also, I am sure better than you, you can ask you wife to try me on!


    Above, You are my shit


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    Feel so bad on that issue, a lot business meet, so many social drink and over night work, and got so weak on my body. Yes, I got money finally but my wife got affair. Fcuk feel so bad, but I cannot complain since I also got personal problem with my function.


    Yalo, money cannot buy good health, cannot make you a bed master.


    Come on buddy, you will be great, and you can also get great new lover.


    I had too much during my youth, that was over used, and now I’m getting senior but my wife got options.


    @ow I took 2 days, now feel something down there.

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    Added him now, wait for verifying.

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    I have shared the whatsapp to my husband, hope he is getting better and get recovery like he was young.

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    11 years having impotence, no hope for that thing, took Viagra, watch porn, got nothing happened. After 2 months with Dr.Gu I felt like get back my young age. Before that I was so passive on watching the ads like weak kidney, impotence sth, that was my hurt. And now I am getting so confident, and make me remain a slogan like, good kidney better relationship with family, and I do by in it.btw, my wife ask more and more in these days.

  • Left farewell.


    My brother also got that problem, premature, he had fiancée the earlier this year, and after almost a year they just broken up, and now I get it since they are not harmony on the bed.

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    My boyfriend got impotence also, he got some tips in the colleges, no effect at all, after his graduations he got to know Dr.gu via this uncle, after awhile my boyfriend become so much better.

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    Recommended by my friend, seems sound great, and I am gonna to take it.



    I am 36 years old, and jerk off a lot during last 10 years, and got really damaged after marriage. I am now getting so much stronger after the treatment from Dr. Gu, and my one is bigger and so wider too!

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    Just added, and got a lot review on fb about this man topic, and also need do more exercise one, just noticed need to do more study. 

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    Used to take Maka and wild oat, felt nothing. Also got Viagra for twice, got ok but only took few minutes not strong enough. 

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    Why not, check my picture are all real, you can check other reviews, it is impossible all are fake.~~

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